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About Lurline Morrow

A popular Book Reviewer, Dr. Morrow has entertained thousands of people since beginning her career as a book reviewer in 2004. Dr. Morrow received the “Best Book Reviewer” award from the Dallas Observer in their annual “Best of Dallas” issue.

A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, Lurline holds Master’s and Doctoral degrees from Southern Methodist University.

Each year Lurline brings to life the personalities behind the famous names. These reviews are designed to take you behind the scenes and into the lives of people whose contributions to society have earned them a place in history.

Lurline is a board member and founding member of The Dallas Professional Book Reviewers Association.

To schedule a review or speaking engagement, contact Dr. Morrow at Lmorrow33@gmail.com.

Currently Reviewing

“An American Journey, The Lives of Edith and Theodore Roosevelt”

Theodore Roosevelt led a dramatic life which included public service, exploration, travel, military service, conservation, hunting, reading, and writing. He left behind a prodigious legacy which touches all of these pursuits. Less is known about his greatest passion and source of joy, however, his second wife, Edith and his six children. 

This new review will take you behind the scenes and into the personal lives of Theodore Roosevelt and his family. It is said that “behind every great man is a little woman.” The love and constant support of his wife, Edith, was the bedrock foundation from which Theodore Roosevelt built his life. On this journey into their lives, you will travel along with them as their lives develop from the carefree pursuits of youth into the vastly rich and complex accomplishments of people who became American Icons.

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